Since 1990 Cherie has been training and empowering sales people all over South Africa and companies all over the world with her dynamic, ready-to-use tips and techniques for maximum sales results. Cherie believes that knowledge is power, and has written many books for the property industry, including her famous "Turbo Charge Your Selling Power", which has sold over 20 000 copies. Cherie attributes success to staying focussed on building relationships, delegating everything but one's genius, and being the most positive person alive!

Cherie invite's you to put your feet up and look through a window, into her life. By opening the E-Book along side.

For those of you who may not know, I became an estate agent in 1990. I joined Aida and broke the Parkhurst area record 3 times in my first month of selling. I opened Cherie Estates in 1991 and by 1992 was invited as one of only six agents, to a superstar panel for South Africa’s top agent.

Cherie Eilertsen

The Perm contracted me as a motivational consultant. My job was to travel around SA, share my success secrets with agents & ask them to put their next bond through the Perm. I embarked on my first road show as a speaker in July 1992. Several of you, were at that first road show, and have followed me ever since. My children Michael & Charisse were 10 & 6 years old at the time.

The initiative was such a huge success, that it was adopted by the entire Nedcor Group. Cherie Club was born, and 13 000 estate agents joined the national training club. I wrote my first book at this time. The agents, over the years, watched my children grow up, in pictures included in my talks. They saw every new wrinkle appear on my face. We became a closely bonded family.

In 1994 a speaker’s agent asked to represent me as a keynote speaker for SA’s blue chip corporate companies. Between talks for estate agents, I would train & motivate at conventions all over SA.

Standard Bank contracted me in 1997 to grow their bond book, and I wrote and designed for them the Stanrand loyalty program. In 2001 Absa contracted me and the journey continued.

In the meantime, whilst delivering a keynote speech for the Independent Brokers Council of South Africa, I met Andrew Paddick & Barbara Bradshaw of the UK Institute of Insurance Brokers. I was contracted by them, & flown to England as the keynote speaker at the 10th Anniversary of the UK Institute of Insurance Brokers. I spoke in a 400 year old castle, called Chateau Impney.

The Brits liked my stuff, and years of road shows through England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales followed. In 1999 the search was on for a speaker to present a predictive look at life from 2000-2050. The material was gleaned from 1700 scientists & business leaders across the UK. It was to form part the Millennium Celebrations. Towards the end of 1999 I was notified that I had been selected to present the “Across the Millennium Study”. It was an enormous privilege.

I was booked by insurers throughout Britain. Whilst working for Commercial General Norwich Union, I met with the CEO Bill Jack. I was invited to lunch with him, and surveyed his very tidy desk with absolute suspicion. It had only a bouquet of flowers on it. I cheekily asked him if he ever did any work. Bill paused, looked keenly at me, and answered “I’m not paid to work Cherie, I’m paid to think.”

These profound words have come back to haunt me.

My strength is peoplework and my weakness is paperwork. I have always believed that if you spend your whole life working on your weaknesses, you end your life with very strong weaknesses!

I prefer to focus on my strengths. Cherie Eilsertsen

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