Cherie Eilertsen
Since 1990 Cherie has been training and empowering sales people all over South Africa and companies all over the world with her dynamic, ready-to-use tips and techniques for maximum sales results.

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Cherie believes that knowledge is power, and has written many books for the property industry, including her famous "Turbo Charge Your Selling Power", which has sold over
20 000 copies.

Cherie attributes success to staying focussed on building relationships, delegating everything but one's genius, and being the most positive person alive!

Cherie invite's you to put your feet up and look through a window, into her life, by opening the E-Book along side.

What people are saying:

Western Cape - Just Property Group 

  • It was GREAT! I have so much to take back to the office. Got excited again! Thank you so much! – Nikki Cornelius CT 20 JUNE 2012
  • Most Informative talk in ages, well worth it.  CT 20 JUNE 2012
  • Most Exciting, interesting – straight forward talk I have had of all the talks head office has sent us to! Very well done! CT 20 JUNE 2012
  • The best info that shook my way of thinking – Hendrik vd Berg CT 20 JUNE 2012
  • Unbelievable ! Cherie is in a league of her own, would love to see more of her, very informative and straight forward. CT 20 JUNE 2012

KZN: Just Property Group 

  • Cherie is Dynamic and extremely Motivating – Belinda Albertyn. KZN 22 JUNE 2012.
  • Very Practical training – Concrete Ideas – Heather Gabriel. KZN 22 JUNE 2012
  • Loved this! Motivating & informative with really meaty things to work on. Roll on August! - Caroll Heyns KZN 22 JUNE 2012

Eastern Cape: Just Property Group 

  • Absolutely Stunning! – Lieb Du Raan. PE 19 JUNE 2012
  • One of the best Training sessions ! Thank you! – Andrea Stevens PE 19 JUNE 2012
  • Overall fantastic. Outstanding training and very practical .  – Tjiske Tissink PE 19 JUNE 2012

Gauteng: Just Property Group 

  • Very Interesting, info great. – John Turnbell   GAUTENG 21 JUNE 2012
  • Well presented, attention kept, Knowledgeable facts! - Audra van Wyk  GAUTENG 21 JUNE 2012
  • Was totally amazing – Joyce Venter  GAUTENG 21 JUNE 2012
  • Interesting, to the point, sharp – Nicky Hansen  GAUTENG 21 JUNE 2012

More testimonials below:

Cherie's talk was riveting to say the least, upbeat and resonated with me at many levels. Any company that is forward thinking must have her talk to all its managers and leaders.
Martina Letsoalo (ITMSA) Nedbank - 8 Sept 2011

Firstly on behalf of Live Out Loud THANK YOU for the  most inspiring talk I have heard in ages! You gave a room full of Women the most amazing talk at the Radisson Blu Ladies breakfast! You are an amazing speaker that I will defiantly be utilising at future events!
Candice Biller - Live out Loud

I just want to say that the presentation today was awesome and we want more so please can you add us to your database so we can come for the free seminars that you have and hopefully we can be inspired to be the best we can be.
Correcta Nhlapo, Travel Specialist

I know you must get thousands  of mail pertaining to the same .... just had to let you know that your presentation this morning in Durban was awesome .... I came away with a wonderful enlightenment for which I thank you . .. Stay as vibrant as you are 
Nato Puma - Wakefields

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Cherie Eilertsen

Social Media marketing will replace traditional marketing methods.
For sales people across all industries the use of social media is critical in sustaining marketing edge.

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Dear Cherie and team, thank you for a brilliant morning. At last a creative way to make this industry come alive for me and a way forward from the SAME OLD, SAME OLD. Thanks for the wings to fly.
Kate Touche

Thank you for the wonderful morning I was priveledged enough to spend with you last Friday. As an ex teacher and public speaking coach, I was amazed at the fluency of your precentation and amount of knowledge in your presentation.  I will definitely implement your new ideas. I am looking forward to your next road show!
Mariaan Otto

Your positive energy flowing training session was awesome! I have always used positive energy to create a platform from which my clients cant sleep at night because of what they experienced in my presentation of my products. You do exactly the same.

Hi Cherie, thank you for a brilliant presentation at Klerksdorp last week. Your presentation was inspiring but so energized that I was out of breath (I’m the greying 21 year old guy – to be exact: 21 years and 423 months.). I think it’s the 423 months that are catching up with me. Your mother is an example to all of us. Rev. Redge Cordington’s mother sent e-mails to all her grand children all over the world at the age of 92. Yip, that’s the way to go, I suppose. I am creating a PROSUMER site that will address the hardware and software needs of ESTATE AGENTS. Keep your fingers crossed! Kind regards (and I’m looking forward to your “Dead men wear white collars” lecture..

Hi Cherie, Once again the BIGGEST,GRANDEST thank you for all you've done for all agents, most especially me. I SALUTE YOU!!! Just wanted you to know I am in the process of securing laptops,  at a great price and needed to just make contact to discuss some. Important issues to conclude the deal.Supplier in Gauteng. My son and his girl were totally blown over at your last roadshow in Durbs!!! Xtra special regards to you and the team.
Dina Govender

Thanks so much for the great inspiring chat you gave us today. It was worth it , really. You just want to SELL SELL SELL. I have tried twitter , youtube and zoopy and only came right so far with zoopy, will go to the office tomorrow and see what we can do. Thanks again and to Kobus
Michael Gunn

I would just like to say thanks for another great motivational morning.
You talk my language with regards to technology and I cannot wait for Shaun to come to PE with the know how. I will be making contact with Shaun later today as I believe you are all in a meeting wrt sending emails to more than 20 people at a time.
Thanks for the advise, I started a fb market page about 3 weeks ago, you now encourage me to make more use out of it and I am trying to get my blog registered.... I think it is really scary to think what one should journal on there, but one step at a time.... will get us moving forward.
I have registered with Seth Goddin blog as well. I am in a different market to the normal residential property and am seeking a different way to market smallholdings and farms, so it’s back to the drawing board.
Jacki Botha, Jacki Botha Properties

I just wanted to thank you for your very inspiring and uplifting talk today.  Your talk has come at the right time for me.  Gald to say, I have already signed onto twitter and created my own blog.  Will find something profound to say and put on it soon.  I'm sure I will find you on facebook as well.
Linda Willcock  Durr Estates

Thanks again for your excellent and inspiring seminar. I have been in Real Estate for the past 19 years and have always whenever possible, attended your brilliant seminars! You truly mean a lot to the Real Estate Industry, lead and inspire by example and we are all privileged to have you as a leader and trend setter!
Dr. Bambie Heiberg

I just wanted to let you know that what we learned from you at one of your seminars opened a whole new way of thinking for us. We are an IT company and we believe that there might be some areas we could render our expertise to broaden your scope of thinking for the future. You are absolutely right that the old ways of marketing is nonexistent.
Johann de Villiers – Imprint Pc

Thank you so much for your inspirational talk yesterday, it was truly uplifting in a harsh kind of way! Loved every minute of it!
Kim Rauch - Rawson Properties- Tygervalley branch

I just wanted to let you know that what we learned from you at one of your seminars opened a whole new way of thinking for us. We are an IT company and we believe that there might be some areas we could render our expertise to broaden your scope of thinking for the future. You are absolutely right that the old ways of marketing is nonexistent.
Johann de Villiers – Imprint Pc

Many thanks for this morning Cherie for providing an insightful, motivating and thoroughly enjoyable morning. I am truly inspired by what she has accomplished (clearly the first time I have been to one of her talks ) and am sure to put in to practice things I am not currently doing! I will definitely recommend the next invitation to my friends and colleagues.
Mandy - RE/MAX Masters

Thank you for the amazing seminar last Thursday in Cape Town, I attended the afternoon slot. Thank you once again for the inspiration, I have been adding to my data base all weekend.

Thank you for a most entertaining afternoon and for putting so much into the presentation. We enjoyed it tremendously and you have kicked my agents in the right spot. My wife enjoyed your tremendous enthusiasm and passion and it gave her a much needed boost. (I always thought she was the only woman with a passion for the industry. A big thank you to your sponsors for giving us free access to you and Sean’s vibrancy. I think ERA Bloem is sold on you.
Jan van Vuuren - ERA Bloem

I would like to thank you for reminding us that times are changing and we need to change with it or miss out! At first I wasn't very sure if anyone had the power to inspire me...but now I stand before you and apologise and thank you at the same time... You are truly amazing! Once again many thanks to you for taking the time to share your knowledge!
Christina Odendaal - Aida Nelspruit

"She has opened doors to a world of opportunity. She is a remarkable lady. A performance-driven individual with an ability to work non-stop. Knowledge,  integrity and hard work puts her in a class of her own. She is Cherie  and her passion is property. From humble beginnings (she and her then husband bought a modest, small house on the East Rand as their first home) she is now literally soaring. Cherie quickly saw the potential  of this first home,  so after a make-over the property was sold at a  tidy profit and the next one was purchased. This got her started in the world of Real Estate. She is now rated as South African's top motivational speaker. She has become an inspiring speaker world-wide and her training in property development and sales is truly phenomenal. She will tell you she attributes a lot of her success to ENTHUSIASM. Cherie is unequalled in her chosen career and it is indeed a privilege to know her and to work with her."
Una From Una-t Properties

"It has been my honour and privilege to have known Cherie for the past 15 years. I have been in the Real Estate business since 1973, and in this time have never met anyone who even comes close to Cherie for her charisma, knowledge and total enthusiasm. What a lady, what an Icon."
Tony Precious

"Baie dankie Cherie, vir die groot verskil wat jy in die eiendoms bedruf maak en gemaak het, sedert 1992. (vandat ek jou ken). Jy is 'n FENOMINALE SPREKER!... EN MENS! Jy deel en gee graag nou jou kennis, sonder selfsug. JOU INSPIRASIE, MOTIVERING EN HOE JY JOU KOLLEGAS, BELEGGERS EN TOEHOORDERS INLIG, IS ONGEЁWENAARD! Ons dank die Here vir die wonderlike talente wat Hy jou gegee het. Gaan so voort!" 
Daleen Cronje

"I have the pleasure of having known Cherie for many years and have always found it very inspiring to be in her presence. She is energy personified and her energy is most contagious. She has literally written the book on Real Estate and boasts an arsenal of proven training material which is always relevant as well as adaptable as the market evolves. She is a visionary who has the ability of identifying future market trends in advance. She is a gifted orator who has had loads of experience inspiring Real Estate Brokers, as well as Sales Executives from the financial services professions such as Insurance, Banking, etc. She is a specialist in advising and training on innovative campaigns in respect of property marketing locally, nationally as well as internationally and her methods get results. I will strongly recommend her to any individual and/or Agency wishing to elevate their career and organization to the next level."
Paul Retief - Durban

"Cherie enters a room as if someone has shaken a champagne bottle and popped the cork! Bubbly, lively and always refreshing. Her energy and enthusiasm pervade the space. With creativity of Picasso she will astound you. Then point you in the right direction and take her leave. Suddenly you’re equipped to take on the business world with insight and vigor. And tools of the trade. Hop on the bus…"
Bruce Lumgair

“Well known veteran estate agent and developer Mike Spencer has worked with Cherie for many years. Cherie is an exciting presenter who is able to enthuse Principals and Agents alike. In a tough market Cherie is the “kick in the pants” than many of us need to get us up and going.”
Mike Spencer

Kim Woods

"I have no doubt that the various strategies initiated by Cherie during her consultancy contributed significantly to increased awareness of Nedcor and its products by estate agents, and had a direct impact on the growth of the mortgage book. The benefits of this initiative were not limited to the Bank, but the individual estate agent who attended Cherie’s training and motivational seminars and who implemented her ideas, experienced massive growth in their personal sales."
Mr. Bruce Swain - Nedcor National Manager: Estate Agencies

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the enormous influence you have had on the various divisions in the Group. Your address has a very powerful message and certainly jolted our personnel into positive action with a greater awareness of self-empowerment. Without a doubt, benefits to the personnel of any company are immense as they are encourage to accept greater responsibility for their jobs and to fulfill a more independent role within the company, thereby resulting in increased productivity.”
Carol Scott - Executive Chairman, Europcar

"A truly professional speaker, dedicated to delivering a relevant message in a clear and concise manner. Her talks challenge conventional thinking and are highly recommended for any enterprise."
Ed Dibden - Director, Affinity Segment, Standard Bank

"As the largest Direct Selling company in South Africa, with an active salesforce of 18,000 distributors, we've been trained by outstanding local and international trainers, but Cherie is by far the very best trainer we've ever had."
Kathy Lyner - National Sales Training Manager, Avroy Shlain

“Cherie’s message is particular relevant for the times we live in, and applicable to any sales solution. She is one of the best motivational speakers that I have had the privilege of listening to in 30 years.”
Dr BDH Van Niekerk - Technical Director: Voermol Feeds

“Having been in property for 22 years now, I can honestly rate your Managers Training as the best I have ever attended.”
Keith Wakefield - Director, Wakefield ’s, JHI, Durban

“I believe in investing in myself and my knowledge and I am always doing courses – so when I compliment you, I know what I am comparing you with."
Ria Beirowski - Manager, Cape Town

“I travel the globe and have heard hundreds of internationally acclaimed speakers. After hearing Cherie, I booked her immediately for our forthcoming conference in the UK . Cherie is a commercial visionary. She is nothing but an inspiration.”
Andrew N Paddick - Director General: IIB, UK

“A dynamic speaker exuding enthusiasm and practical tips to thrill any delegate who seeks to become a leader in their field.”
Joy Mansfield, Manager, Pretoria

“From this wealth of information, there are training ideas to last well beyond 1998. If my region uses a quarter of it, they will grow by 100%!”
Cheryl Hoffman, Regional Director, Avory Shlain.

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